syBR Engine

A simple, modular, game engine

Main engine features
  • Engine divided in several libraries, most of them loaded as plugins
  • Full Windows and Linux support
  • Full API documentation through Doxygen
  • Full up-to-date scripting documentation (auto-generated from the binding code)
  • Full source code available (LGPL license)
  • Compilation using any available tool (in theory) thanks to CMAKE, including
    • MinGW
    • MSYS
    • Visual Studio
    • Code::Blocks
    • Linux makefiles
    • KDevelop
  • Delivered with a demo application which shows engine capabilities and features
  • Delivered with a GUI utility to select plugins to be used and manage their settings
Core engine features
  • Log system
  • Filesystem management
  • XML file handling
  • Math libraries with matrix, quaternion, vector and AABB support
Rendering features
  • Use of Ogre 3D for rendering:
    • Ogre 3D renderer is currently only partially integrated with the engine
    • Basic support for scene hierarchy management
  • GUI with the following widgets:
    • Picture
    • Text
  • Bitmap fonts loading and rendering
Audio features
  • WAV PCM samples support
  • Streaming support:
    • WAV PCM
    • Ogg Vorbis
  • Plugins available:
    • OpenAL (Windows and Linux)
    • DirectSound (Windows only)
  • All code has already been written but it must be integrated with the existing engine code base
Input features
  • Keyboard and mouse support
  • Action manager to bind inputs to specific actions
  • Plugins available:
    • OIS (Windows and Linux)
Game features
  • Plugin system
  • Plugin initialization through XML file
  • Multi-GUI and multi-scene management
  • Squirrel scripting support
    • Game handling
    • GUI management
    • Scene management as well as scene hierarchy handling
  • Basic physics support with Bullet
Other features
  • map2syBR tool to compile maps from GtkRadiant with GtkRadiant configuration files